The website is a online e-commerce website selling art objects (masks, statues, drums, clothes, shoes, African common objects) from Black Africa countries.

We are a team of passionate people whose aim is to promote and sell online arts objects of African artisans. We have partnered with touts, artisans and vendors in Black Africa countries who offer us beautiful arts objects that we sell on our website. Each piece of art is carefully selected in artisan’s stores according to the criteria of originality.

Why African Artwork ?

The idea of creating this shop came to me across vendors of art objects met in Senegal who had difficulties in selling their works due to poor visibility. So they asked me to create a virtual shop on which they can sell their crafts locally and internationally. Subsequently, we accepted the artisans/vendors from other countries in the shop.

What we sell?

We sell African art objects such as ancient and modern sculptures, paintings, African masks and musical instruments, clothes, shoes, pendants, necklaces, etc…

What are our advantages over our competitors?

Our pre and after sales services is excellent allowing customers to purchase the art objects in the best conditions and more, during the buying process through delivering, they are informed step by step of the processing of their orders. Our artifacts are in high quality. The art objects on this site are sold directly from the stores/shops of artisans or sellers. And the most important, we love art and we love our job.

Our council?

Even if it is not so visible in our shop, the social aspect is very important to us and will be the media the most used to communicate with our buyers and artisans. So feel free to follow us through our Facebook, Twitter fan page.

You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and be well informed of the progress of the web store.

Enjoy your visit in our Collection.

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