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Ngo  NGOCK  MATIP  Irène

The refined creations of Mrs. Ngo Ngock MATIP Irene nicknamed Matireng is inspired primarily by nature. His story begins with fashion when she was 10 years ago.

Not having neglected his gift is and moved by some inspiration, she began creating her own designs at 16.

Today she has more than 39 years of experience and has a collection of more than 100 models signed MATIRENG.

She takes part of multiple public fashion shows and multiple exposure fairs in Cameroon and abroad and where she won several awards.

She makes men's clothes, child, apparels for theater, interior design.

His desire is to get in contact with some international curators to work with them.

C’est à partir de Matireng que le Kaba Ngondo est devenu international et qu’aujourd’hui au Cameroun chaque couple veut s’habiller dans la tradition pour la mairie.

It is because of Matireng that the Kaba Ngondo model become popular outside of Cameroon.

Without forgetting its Ngango model that makes the happiness of women.

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Ngo Djog-Lipô
Ngo Djog-Lipô
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